Multiple Products One Off Sale

Hey Guys few more hickups

I have 2 subscriptions on my site for content A and B and content C is a separate one of on sale content. C should be a upgrade subscription but a one off buy separately for the user. How can we make it an independent content product on sale instead of being an upgrade or downgrade from A & B?

Hope we have a soliton :slight_smile:

Hey Mansoor :wave:

I do not fully understand your question. Would you be willing to create a video explaining the problem? :smiley:

I can surely make the video but that may reveal the product Iโ€™m developing. Is there a way to share the video privately with you ?

In short.

I want one of my subscriptions to not upgrade/downgrade but stay as an independent ONE OFF sale item.

Hope thatโ€™s clear?

This helps! Thank you! The problem that I can see is Memberstack only allows a single membership at a time for a user. So if a user signed up for membership A or B and then got C they would lose A or B. A workaround would be to use something else for the C membership. You mentioned you are using webflow, an alternative would be to use their eCommerce feature for the C membership or using a one off purchase for members from Gumroad or something similar. :smiley: Does this help or am I missing something?

Hey Josh,

  1. Yes that exactly is the problem. I could use Webflow commerce where users can buy a separate course but then how do they get access to a hidden content or page?

  2. Wouldnโ€™t it be amazing that we could create as many course subscriptions on the site cause different customers could be interested in different things?

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