Multistep onboarding Template Buttons/steps

Hello! Wondering if anyone may know how I can use this buttons/steps/elements to collect data - ie if a user chooses freelancer - I collect the word freelance and its inputted into memberstack field?

Still learning! every-days a school day, any pointers most welcome! Thanks, Ian

Hey Ian :wave:

It looks like the front-end API would be a good way forward for this. You would update the user’s profile when they click on one of the buttons. You also would add an ID to each of the buttons. What is the specific URL for this page? Let me know if you need help with the code. :grinning:

Hey Josh, thanks for this info, very helpful, I have made contact with a webflow developer, hopefully this is something that they will be able to look into following your top tip!

THanks again, Best, Ian

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HI Josh, just following on again, sorry! I am trying to find a solution, as webflow developer unable to assist for a few weeks. So basically - in this image

I am also looking to capture the value - ie Someone Else or For Myself as its also needed for a memberstack field too, at the moment they are linking to two separate forms as separate details are required determined by which ‘value’ user selects. I’ve tried using a drop down select too and submit which is fine for capturing the value - but limited then to only navigate to one other page. Wondering what may be the easiest way forward? I did discover this - Any further ideas would be very welcome, thanks Ian

Hey Ian :wave:

Add IDs to those buttons and then you can redirect with code. After you add IDs let me know what they are and I can write some code for ya. :smiley:

Hey Josh👋 That would be very kind of you, I am planning to use that sort of ’ button’ on a few pages with different values. I’ve named those options 1 & options 2 - the other ones I can label the id as options 3, options 4 and so forth and hoping that I can ‘jig’ to accommodate the others in whatever magic solution you create.
On one page i will have 5/6 of them, needing to collect the ‘value’ of whichever one is pressed, but in these early days, most of the pages with those buttons on just have the two choices. Hope this makes some sort of crazy bat shite sense…:thinking::slight_smile:

Ok Ian lets try this code!

    MemberStack.onReady.then(function(member) {   
        $("#option1").click(function(event) {
            member.updateProfile({"user-channel": "sms"}, true).then(() => {
                window.location.href = '/sms';

        $("#option2").click(function(event) {
            member.updateProfile({"user-channel": "voice"}, true).then(() => {
                window.location.href = '/voice';


to change the code for other pages and buttons there are 3 things you need to do.

  1. change the id to match the button’s id with a “#” added. Like #option1
  2. change the key and value to match what you have for the custom field in Memberstack.
  3. add the URL you want the user to go to after their profile is updated.

Hey, Josh, thank you so very much for this, I will have a pop at it in the morning as I have screen eyes now and soon to bed. I’ll ping you an email and let you know how it goes, thanks again, greatly appreciated - just a few more hurdles to sort with the form fields, timezones, phone country codes and the forms should hopefully all be complete and ready to fully test out. Wondering do you know of any service like for wordpress but for webflow? - Thanks again! Ian

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Hi Josh, hope you are well, sorry in the delay in getting back yo you, I did test test run, from the site when published and it did appear to work - but it returned me back into the editor - I am assuming that this is because I am not ‘live’ as such - So I am planning on setting up custom domain and going live even though I will not be ‘open for business’ just to carry on setting things up - on that note - any recommendations for setting up a - under maintenance or coming soon page? With thanks, Ian

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