Multistep signup bounce

Hello all,

Hoping someone can help me out here. Building on webflow. I created a multi-step signup for my website with my blog content being membership protected. The signup works excellent if click directly to and through the signup process. However I am having an issue with my signup when a user attempts to open/view a protected blog post. I have access denied page which i have a login modal on the access denied page. Within the modal the “create account” link is then linked to the “step one” page of the multistep sign-up. With the multi-step sign up you’re technically creating the account on the first step when you click “confirm or next” and then updating that now created account with every sign up step after that. To my issue,
So once a user confirms their information in step one they should be redirected to step two but in this case my inputted redirect on webflow for the submit button on step one is being overridden, skipping the rest of the steps and redirecting back to the now unprotected content, leaving my multistep sign in half complete.

I hope that makes english.

Thanks in advance frands.