【NEED HELP !】my account disappeared

First of all, this might sound absolutely ridiculous but any comments or help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi I’ve been using memberstack for about a month and I just tried to check my account a couple of hours ago. However, I could not log in to my account, and since it seemed very odd, I tried not only my registered email but also every single one of email addresses I own, even the one I haven’t use for three years. I tried to reset the password as well, but none of them were registered to memberstack, and it says there is no such account. I am extremely confused and worried, and I tried to contact memberstack directly in order to know what is going on, but could not do that since there is email form or something like that. I need help ASAP otherwise I cant control my store anymore and cant follow my customers.

Wish anyone see this topic and help me ASAP.

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Hi Rin, I’ll make sure we get you back into your account ASAP!

Please send me as much info as possible about your site + the email address you want to have access. I’ll DM you with my contact info.

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Hi Duncan,

Thank you very much for your help!

I tried to log in once again with the email and now I could log in this time. I have no idea why this weird thing happened but the issue is completely solved! I am very great full for your quick attention and sorry about this.

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