Need to login twice - even with correct credentials. Help!

Hi … we’re using memberstack with squarespace, and having built the sign-in page (which does require coding!) we’re seeing that when the member attempts to log using the correct credentials the data isn’t passed through to memberspace, but rather the form empties its contents. When the correct credentials are posted again, on the second login attempt the data is passed to memberstack and we login fine.

This happens on windows, mac and android. Desktop, mobile and tablet. Chrome, firefox & safari. Have cleared caches etc but every time without fail it occurs.

From a members perspective, they think they’ve got their credentials wrong - so some try a second time and succeed, while others go straight to the forgotten password and generate a new password, try to login with the new password, get rejected first time around again, change the password again, and so on … until they go completely mental.

Any thoughts … any one?

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Hi Jef, can you share a link to your site please? I can take a look real quick (boarding a plane in 1.5 hours)

I’ve seen this issue before, so hopefully we can get this fixed ASAP.

You’re 100% right that embeded forms on Squarespace are very much NOT no code. We hope to remedy that in the coming days!

In the meantime you can use the #ms-signup-######## attributes to launch the Memberstack signup modal (you can find the links on the memberships page). You can do something similar for login forms as well.

Just use #ms-login to launch the login modal.