New account options - Zapier

I am setting up new memberships and trying to determine if I can set up multiple “new member” options in Zapier.

I need to be able to create different Zaps for different Tier memberships.

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You should be able to filter by the membership id. Here is an article about filters from zapier. :smiley: If you are unable to figure this out we have an amazing community of freelancers. Feel free to add your project here. :smiley:

Josh -

Here’s what I’d like to do:

Kajabi - triggered by “new tag”

Memberstack - change Membership type or Remove Member from Membership.

Basically, we have 3 tiers of membership and I want to set up tags so when they either upgrade or cancel they are moved appropriately in Memberstack.

Is this possible? I’m not seeing it.

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Currently, we do not have a way to change memberships from zapier. Here is an article on all our zapier information. :slight_smile:

The reason we do not have this yet is that we do not have the functionality to upgrade members within our app from free to paid. This is done only by the user right now.

Can we get a “delete user” option?

We do have a delete member option using our webhooks. You can see documentation here :grinning:


I’m not very familiar with webhooks and when playing with it, can’t seem to figure out how to get it to do what I want.

I’d like to have Kajabi “trigger” for say a tag added of “cancel membership” and then have Memberstack either delete the member OR update the member type. The way I’m seeing it, the webhook is only sending information FROM Memberstack and not TO? Am I missing something?

Hey AJ :wave:

Ah ok, I understand better now. I do not think what you want to do is possible right now. I will add this insight to our list and keep track of how many times this comes up. :smiley:

Going forward using the backend API may be the right thing to use. Because you do not have much experience with webhooks we suggest adding your project to our Find an Expert form to get additional help.

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