New Member Webhook Member IDs

I’m using Webflow, jQuery AJAX, Memberstack, and a Node/Express.js server for a site I’m building.

There’s a POST request, and in order to check if the user isAuthenticated, I’m using the “New Member” Webhook to save the to my own DB and checking it in the route.

When I was testing the Webhook however, I saw two almost identical ids. I’m not sure what that’s about:

Using the member object from the MemberStack.onReady function:
:white_check_mark: ===
:white_check_mark: === req.body.membership.subscribed_to

…but what does represent? It’s one digit off from the /

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Hey Devon :wave:

Just had a chat with Tyler and the is the specific id that relates that membership to that member. It’s not really needed right now, but it should come in handy when we have the ability to signup for multiple memberships.

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