New Member Webhook - membership: current_period_end Bug

I’ve set up a Webhook so that when new member sign up, I create a record in our Airtable CMS to track our pipeline.

One of the things we need to know is when their current billing period ends… which MemberStack provides via the New Member Webhook.

However, instead of outputting a usable date format, we are receiving a random string:

This stopped our automation and caused an error since it is not a valid end date.

Is there something else going on here? Is this not actually supposed to pass a valid date? Or is this really a bug?

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Hi Josh, what you are seeing is called Unix timestamp. It’s not very helpful unless you know how to work with them. I’ve made a note on our end to make that value more user friendly :+1:

In the meantime, can you pull the current date/time in some other way? I can’t remember if Zapier has a feature for that :thinking:

Ah yes! Tyler just told me about this too! I had never come into contact with Unix timestamps before, so it looked super random to me haha! I think Tyler said he will be creating a new date value that should be more usable. Thanks so much!

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