No button "DashBoard" on "Welcome page" in "DashBoard" template

I have a trouble with the DashBoard Template.
When a user signup he is redirected on the Welcome page but the page is empty

After a few seconds, if I refresh the page, the “DashBoard” button finally appears.

Do you have any idea why? How can I have the “DashBoard” Button appear without having to refresh?

I made a loom to show you :

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Hey Clément,

Memberstack is unaware of a member’s specific page on signup. A member’s specific page doesn’t get saved until Zapier (assuming you are using zapier) has time to update the member’s page (this takes a few seconds). So the first time a member gets redirected to his welcome page, they don’t have a dashboard assigned to them yet. That’s why they have to refresh for it to show up.

There are a few workarounds for this…. here’s one:

One solution is to trigger an email when the zap is complete. This email should contain a link to the page with the dashboard button on it.
The signup success page should say something like “We’re creating your account! Please check your email in the next 5-15 minutes for a link to your dashboard.” I added a loader to mine.

(BTW - Zapier can take up to 15 minutes, but usually only takes a few seconds.)

Does that help?:blush:

Upon successful sign up, and being redirected to a “Success” or “Welcome” page, a new member’s specific “Dashboard” button won’t show up unless they refresh the page (which they won’t know they need to do). This is due to a lag between Zapier and MemberStack and Webflow, mentioned by Molly above.

The simple solution is to put some instructions in your “Welcome” page, telling new members to refresh the page. But if you want your website to feel more professional, here are the instructions to automatically show new members their “Dashboard” button upon signing up:

(You have probably already done Steps 1 and 2. Start with Step 3 below)

  1. Ensure that new members are redirected to a “Signup Success!” or “Welcome!” page upon signup up. The page should contain a button that links them to their specific page/dashboard
  2. In Webflow, add the following attributes to that button: Name: “ms-member-page”, Value: “profile”
  3. In Webflow, add the following ID to that button: dashboard
    (The ID field is in the button settings tab in the right sidebar. Ensure you have the button selected first.)
  4. Go to your page settings (where you usually go to rename, duplicate, or delete your page), and copy and paste the following custom code into the “Before /body tag” field at the very bottom:

<script> window.onload = function() { var btnState = document.getElementById('dashboard').style.display; switch (btnState) { case 'none': location.reload(); break; default: console.log('The button should be shown now.'); } } </script>

  1. Save and publish your site

That’s it! The code above checks for the “Dashboard” button. If the button is hidden, the page will keep refreshing automatically until the button is shown. Once the button is shown, it will stop refreshing. The automatic page refresh happens very quickly and your user won’t even know it’s happening.

Hope this helps!

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Wow great stuff!! Thanks for posting this!

@Clement_Barberousse this is a common issue, and it’s not specific to MemberStack. You’ll be hit with this integrating on any 3rd party platform.

There’s been some great answers, suggestions to fix, and explanations already. I remember answering this in the Slack chan when you initially asked about it, and for sake of completeness, I wanted to follow up with the solution I like to use (as promised).

Here’s a video walk through of how I solved this problem:

Let me know if you have any questions!