Not sure if bug or me being idiot

using webflow and memberstack.

Have field setup in memberstack as “Status” on the forms and fields under signup.

In webflow I’m using a text field above the radio buttons to pull the “status” from webflow

so text has
ms-data = status attribute all done up right

and then the radio buttons have the a group name (located in the settings thing in webflow)

All 3 radio buttons have a group name of “status”
and then the values for each correspond to the name.

So you can update the text by selecting one of the radio buttons.

But when I put the ms-field = status onto the actual radio button check mark things like the actual radio button

Memberstack doesn’t work anymore :frowning: anyone have ideas?

Incase you dont want to create an account I have attached an img too. thanks

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in that photo the attributes are removed on the radio buttons and memberstack is working on the page as normal.

once those attributes are added and they are properly named etc then memberstack doesn’t load on the page. the testmode banner on the bottom left doesn’t appear either.

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Hey Cody! I just tested the site, and everything appears to be working now :tada:

Did you decide to swap the radio buttons for type form links?

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I did end up swapping for the type form links! I may switch back to the radio buttons I’m using a dropdown menu instead which works great

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