Notified when accounts are upgraded

Hi all,

Does anyone have a possible workaround to get notified when a user upgrades their account?

I didn’t know if the “update” zap would work, but I needed to send info to users who upgrade.

Why I need this?
I have free accounts and then paid accounts. Paid accounts receive t-shirts, stickers, and receive a number of other things. Free accounts just get access to certain parts of the site. The goal is for the user to become a paid user.

If a free account upgrades to a paid account - I need to send them goodies.

There could be a possible workaround using stripe and the payment amount? just thinking on the fly.

Hey Josh,

You will want to connect Stripe to Zapier and use the new customer trigger. Every time a member upgrades from a free account to a paid account, that trigger would fire which would allow you to notify yourself. :blush:

Thanks Molly this is very helpful