One Login at a time (kick out >1 login) for a Virtual Conference website

Is there a way that Memberstack limits logins to one account, at one IP at a time?
This is to mitigate the possible risk of sharing member logins across many people

The practical use case would be for a Virtual Conference, where tickets are sold per watcher, and to access the video stream, it’s embedded on a Webflow website that has Memberstack as a gate for the video embed page. If a user shares their login, it defeats the purpose of the tickets being sold.

Hello and welcome Christian!

I don’t think this is possible right now with Memberstack but could be in the future. Ill will ask around more if anyone has made a work around for something similar. :slight_smile:


Ok im back with info from others. This is not possible right now but is on the roadmap for the future. :slight_smile:


Got this, thanks @Josh-Lopez! Looking forward to it!