One-off purchases and SECURE 'member-only-upgrades'


I’ve worked out how to ‘hack’ memberstack to work for my site which currently sells only 2 online videos which are ‘one-time’ purchases.

Customers can purchase one or both products in their first transaction - no dramas, and memberstack handles the access.

If they purchase or own just one product, and wish to purchase the second, I’ve got a plan to ‘hide’ the ‘normal’ purchase link for the second product for members of one product or the other and show a link to purchase the ‘combo’ of the two at 50% price (as they’re singly priced the same).

This achieves a single purchaser of either product being able to kind of ‘upgrade’ to then access both.

My issue is that the link to the combo purchase would then be technically available to anyone ie. if someone who had purchased one course was to copy the link address for the ‘combo’ at 50%, they could send it to someone else with no current purchase and they’d be able to get both for the price of one straight away.

Any way to secure this so only a logged in member of either product can purchase the ‘combo’??


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Hey Cat, love this workaround! So clever. Thank you for sharing it.

I have good news. The /#/ms/signup/membershipID links only work if a member clicks it on your site. Meaning, the links can’t be shared.

I think you already have, but I recommend hiding the page with the upgrade button so only members can access it. Then you’re good to go!