Only send specific membership types to their membership pages

Hi everyone,

So I have set up 2 membership types but I only want one of them to take the member to their personalised page (via webflow CMS) for the others I would like it to send them back to the landing/home page.

Is there a way to do this? It seems that the “send members to their page after login” toggle is overriding the take them to the welcome back page

If anyone has any advice or workarounds would be hugely appreciated!



Hey Matt :wave:

Are you using zapier to add the member page? If so, we suggest adding a filter to this based on membership id. Members signing up for one membership would have a member page with the slug/url from the created page. The members signing up to the second membership would skip the page creation and have the url you want them to go to added to their member page. :smiley: