Open upgrade modal on signup?

Hi all,

I have a page with a ‘ Join to see content ’ button. This appears for users who aren’t logged in ( users who are logged in and are on the FREE plan see an ‘Upgrade’ button which correctly brings up the Upgrade modal ). When this button is clicked, the user is taken to the sign up page.

I want the users who click this button to see the ‘Upgrade’ modal after signing up. Is there any way to trigger this? I don’t want the upgrade modal to be triggered for every user who signs up, just the ones who sign up through that button.

I thought about creating a separate sign up page, which would redirect users to a page specifically to ‘Upgrade your account’, but I realised that settings for redirecting a plan are global.

Is there a solution to this or does it not sound doable?

Is there anyone who can help with this? :pray:

All I can think you need to create a Free Membership at MS so that this can sign them up. Once they have signed up they can see the Upgrade button which would be previously hidden by data-ms-code.

Hope that makes sense?

This is what we currently do, but I wanted to open the upgrade modal up directly after signup automatically when redirect from another page. Seems like this is a tricky thing to do.

Another option is to redirect back to the same page the user came from after upgrade, e.g.

User is on page A. They click the upgrade modal and make a payment. It should take them back to page A. Currently I have to specify a redirect page, e.g. a Welcome page, rather than taking users back to the same page.

They just have to be two separate buttons on the page and use Hide data-ms records to hide on each membership state. Does that solve your problem?