Opinions on having to create a separate account for the forum

Hey :wave:, all you fine folks out there! We are trying to collect some data on your thoughts about the current forum setup. Did you get frustrated at all having to create another account to post in this forum? :smiley:

much love :heart:

For this forum? Doesn’t affect/ bother me in the slightest.

In general? I would love to be able to implement SSO between Memberstack/Discourse. I have a client who would love this feature!

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thank you for the feedback. Are you happy with Discourse as a customer or would something like CIrcle.so be better?

I have to say as a forum admin, I like Discourse a lot. I’d honestly not heard of Circle before today so can’t really give an opinion on it.

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yep -really frustrating i muc prefer a single sign on

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Thank you for the feedback! Do you prefer a single source for customer service or the flexibility of multiple sources like a forum, slack, and other places? I know Circle.so has chat, forum type posts, and navigation like slack. Trying to get as much feedback as possible. :smiley:

I very much like forum-type posts because of the ease of finding old information. I find that stuff tends to get buried a lot easier in Slack / other chat-type collab apps.

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While I love Discourse for its very effective forums, Circle.so is a great alternative without a lot of a downside. Using Circle.so as a single source for customer service would be great, in my opinion.

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@Andrew1 I can’t seem to find out much about Circle. If you have the time, I’d really appreciate your thoughts on it, particularly in comparison to Discourse!

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@JollyGoodWeb nice to meet you and happy to offer some thoughts.

Discourse really excels for question and answer format: a topic is created based on a question or statement, and users respond until the question is answered or the statement is explained to completion (i.e., there really is not much more or anything more to say). These “completed” topics are left as an archive of what’s been discussed for users to browse.

You can still have questions and answers on Circle, but you also have Slack-style navigation and the ability to create “spaces” (which is kind of like a Slack thread) that allow users to post topics in those spaces. With spaces, instead of having categories, you have a “space” which, I think, helps mentally organize where to go and where to put something.

I also think Circle is more conducive to interaction than Discourse, so if your goal is a community of people who interacts on topics (conversations) rather than just questions and answers, Circle is a better fit. Circle integrates with Teachable, so you can bring conversations from courses into the Circle community. I’m not sure whether Circle has live streaming or live conferences on their product roadmap, but it’s definitely something that I can see working well on this platform in the future.


@Andrew1 great to meet you too!

That’s some awesome feedback, thanks so much for taking the time to write that. It really helps to hear it from someone who has used both platforms, and definitely helps me work out which “compartment” Circle fits into for me!

Thanks again bud :smiley:

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I believe they do have live video on their roadmap! Also video chat coming!


I did not know that. Thank you for letting me know, @Josh-Lopez!