Option to enable SSO with 3rd-party applications

This would be an excellent feature to have built in — not sure if this would be possible to do via the memberstack API? For example, if a customer signs into their memberstack portal, they would automatically be signed into their linked Shopify Plus store account that is only available to members…and vice versa :slight_smile:


Thank you, Josh!

More research is required on our end to say if/when something like this will be possible, but I’ll keep you in the loop.

Ah, I see. So no SSO integration yet. No way to link my users’ memberstack sign in with the 3rd party forum app hosted on my site.

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Hey @Carson_McCain,

Thanks for checking in! No SSO integration yet. We can’t give exact ETA’s, but we hope to have something ready in the next year. We are currently in the process of expanding our dev team so we can get lots new features released.

We will keep you updated on the progress😃



Any updates?

Wanting to connect with Tribe.so

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Duncan, love what you are doing with Memberstack.

Is there an update on this feature?

We are keep on moving to webflow and would love this feature built in to easily do things like create dynamic content on webflow pages. We are currently over 200k. subscribers.


It’s 2021 and I just wanted to check if there were any updates on this feature? Is this feature on the roadmap?

On a client dashboard with have built-in iframes (for example with clickup)