Other logged in members can see, other profiles backend

Hi there

When i have a member logged into there site/ profile i still want them to be able to look up other members however memberstack is allowing that member to see there backend which is clearly not what i want. any idea how this can be fixed??

this is my site


Any help would be great. cheers Paul

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Hi Paul :wave: You could use data-ms-content attributes to remove those elements from non-members.

Here’s how https://help.memberstack.io/post/hide-content-on-a-page

Hi Duncan thanks for the reply. unfortunately its still letting me see other user backend content so they could potentially alter other peoples profiles. im sure its something im missing but i cant see it at the minute.

to hide content from other users is it “data-ms-content” “approved-id”??? ive tried “data-ms-content” “approved” and i can see the backend?

thanks again paul

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im also having issues with my dashboard link. for some reason when i click on it, it is reverting back to a older page that i have changed quite extensively. any ideas why this??

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hi duncan

just thought id do a little vid for you to understand some of the issues im having with memberstack at the moment. as i said it maybe something im missing but ive seemed to have tried all i can find without much luck. thanks again paul

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Hi Paul,

The “data-ms-content” attribute Duncan is talking about is intended for the scenario where you would like to hide content from all members of the same category. For example, hiding all premium videos from all free members. However, the scenario you’re describing seems to be completely different. If you link a logged-in user to another user’s dashboard page (or backend as you call it) they will be able to see everything as if they were in that other user’s dashboard/backend. I don’t think that’s what you want.

You need to have two types of template pages in Webflow (the dynamic pages with the purple icons at the bottom of your list of web pages in Webflow). One “dashboard template page” which you already have, which is the dashboard of a logged-in user seen in your video. And another completely unrelated “member profile template page” which is a generic profile page of all your members that you want to be publicly available to all other logged-in members. Design this second template page according to how you would like it to look to another logged-in user.

Once you have done that, go to the “dashboard template page” and insert a CMS Collection List element into the area of the dashboard where you would like your logged-in user to see other members’ information. Then, link that list to your “members” CMS collection. Now, every logged-in user will be able to see a full list of members, and of course, in this list you can dynamically display only the information you want to show from each member, such as their name and the type of artist. Then, put a link block in each list item, and link it dynamically to that member’s full member profile page. The result is, a logged-in user will see a full list of members within their own dashboard, and then upon clicking on a specific person in that list, they will be brought to that person’s full profile page.

Hope that’s what you’re looking for.

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