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On Saturday last weekend I added in all memberships and attributes to these into my Duda site. I then moved onto trying to create sign up forms, I just wanted my sign up to be a bit friendly and advice they can have access to all pricing by setting up a free account. I was sent a video to do this as my dashboard video didn’t work and I have none of the features in my dashboard…it mentions templates, I have none and it mentions adding the attributes to my custom form, despite setting everything up I have no attributes to add. I have gone onto slack and asked but had no response…is this a bug?

I am at an absolute standstill and was excited at the prospect of all my clients accessing one dashboard, upgrading and seeing all of my pricing plus recording new traffic to those pages by getting them to enter name and email.

My second question is can I upload individual reporting for my clients into there memberships? This I guess was my ultimate goal but struggling to find any information about this.


Hello Melody!

Welcome! I am going to ask a few questions to better understand your post. On your Memberstack Dashboard (https://app.memberstack.io/dashboard), have you completed your Setup Checklist? Also do you have a url I can look at to see if you have the right attributes on links and content?

Thank you,

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Hi Josh,

Thanks for reaching out, yes I have set up nearly everything, see screenshot now just wanted the custom sign up forms.

Before we proceed I am just wondering if I am going to be able to upload other reporting into individual memberships once I have set them all up and invited them as my set up is unique in the fact that I already have clients and wanted a client dashboard that I can upload other invoices and reports. I wanted to upsell and cross sell products and protect my pricing pages from my competitors by getting them to register for a free account to view all pricing.

Then I can also remarket to anyone that has registered a free account to access the pricing.

Do you think this will still work for my circumstances?

Thanks in advance



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Have you seen this page about sign up forms? https://help.memberstack.io/post/signup-and-login-forms Just trying to guide you in the right direction. :slight_smile:

Most Memberstack users who need to have other data associated with Memberstack use airtable and zapier to connect them all together. I do not know how comfortable you are with these services. Mackenzie Child has a good video tutorial on something similar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-_rGcBQLzE&list=PL23ZvcdS3XPINPbP6y06tcLY_rZLi8euf.

If these links do not help you please let me know. :slight_smile:

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Hi Josh,

I have decided not to proceed with memberstack my dashboard just doesn’t seem to work the way it should…in fact I cannot even delete my account the link for that doesn’t work.

Can you please delete for me as I no longer need the account and would like all the detail removed.


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Oh no Melody. I really don’t want to see you go. Memberstack has a great community where everyone tries to help out each other. It sounds like you must have found a rare bug because I haven’t heard of anything like your describing. I do not have access to your account at all because I don’t work for Memberstack but I am a huge fan. I’m sure if you email Memberstack they can take care of your account team@memberstack.io

I hope you have a good weekend and return in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

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