Paddle / Braintree / Paypal


I’m really interested in using memberstack, but the problem is that stripe is not available in all EU countries.

When are you planning to integrate some of the other payment gateways such as Paddle / Braintree / Paypal?

Hey Mateo :wave:

Great question, we haven’t started implementing additional payment gateways yet. What specific countries are you concerned about and how many memberships do you think would be coming from them? Trying to understand your situation. :smiley:

I’m from Croatia and stripe is not supported yet.

Well not everyone uses stripe, and there are many countries here that aren’t supported by stripe (You can see stripe supported countries on their website) so I’m sure many people would benefit if you could add braintree payments or paypal.

The thing is that for those payment gateways you don’t need to have an LLC which is in my case good since what I’m doing is still a hobby and not a real business yet.

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Thank you for sharing. I am adding this to our insights to increase the weight of urgency for different payments within our system.

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