Page after signup resets my default home URL in Webflow?


When editing a membership, you can set up three different pages:

  • page after signup
  • page after login
  • page after logout

I would think the page after signup, is the page that someone gets redirected to after the registration has finished. But apparently this URL also overwrites my “brand URL” in Webflow. This link is attached to my logo in the header.

Is this normal behaviour? Can i somehow prevent this? Maybe add my custom HTML for my brand link/logo instead of the default element in Webflow?


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Hey Steve :wave:

Welcome! Thank you for posting in the forum. Just to make sure, have you followed these instructions? To me, it sounds like you may have added a whole URL into the fields you mentioned. If that article doesn’t help you get on the right path please let me know and we can get on a call. :smiley:

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