Passing data into Typeform hidden fields using MS front-end API (in Webflow)

I’m looking to pass Memberstack data (first-name and email) through to an embedded Typeform on my Webflow site. I used the script that was posted here: How to pass hidden fields to a Typeform embed but unfortunately the values are not being passed through…and I’m unsure why!

For more context - I have a signup form (Webflow form) on the previous page to the Typeform. The MS attributes appear to be added correctly to the signup for fields (members are being added in Memberstack correctly when I test). After signup the user is sent to the Typeform (embedded on the site) for us to gather more info about them.

I’ve added this code (which includes my Typeform embed code) into the custom code settings of the page in question:

If anyone has experience with this and can see where I’m going wrong, it’d be HUGELY appreciated!

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Hey Chris! Thanks for posting this again here.

Would you mind sharing the code you added to your site?

yes! here it is:


<script type="text/javascript" src="">


MemberStack.onReady.then(function(member) {
var name = member[“first-name”];
var email = member[“email”];
console.log(name + ” ” + email);
var src = “[” + name + “&email=” + email;
document.getElementById(“typeform-full”).src = src;
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Just contacted someone to help with this… will post an answer when I hear back :crossed_fingers:

I just wrote an article on this! If you have further questions about it or if something doesn’t make sense please let me know and I will edit the article. :smile:

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I tried Josh’s method and the format came out really weird (the embedded Typeform which should take up the entire screen is only appearing on the top fifth of the screen) - any ideas why this could be happening?

Hey Haruka :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

We haven’t seen this before. Would you mind sharing your URL so we can take a look? :grinning:

Ah I can see the problem now. This is an issue with typeform. Try adding a min-height to your iframe and this should make it bigger. :smiley:

Thanks Josh! I had to delete my post to hide the URL but you helped me a great deal!

Your method only seemed to work for standard typeform embedding and not full-screen so I played around to make it possible with full-screen typeforms :slight_smile:

Hi Josh, thanks for posting this, I’ve got it working. However would you be able to provide the code if someone wants to use the popup Typeform form (from a button) instead of embedding it onto a page?