Passing the user's memberID through a hidden <input> ... only works the first time

Hi MemberStack Team!

I’m trying to pass in the user’s memberID into a hidden field, and it’s working… but for some reason when I do it multiple times it stops working??

I am thinking this might have to do with requesting your API too many times within a given time period? But I’m not sure.

Here’s a demo video for context / extra details:

What’s interesting about that is there was a HUGE delay between your first entry, and then your second entry (entries 3, 4, etc… where back-to-back which would explain an API throttling issue) yet your second entry did NOT work.

It may be helpful to rule out other things by adding some debugging (console.log for example) in there to spit out the values on page load.


Hey Bailey :wave:

We do have a request limit but you shouldn’t be hitting that. Do you mind sending me a message with details so I can look at the form and test it out? :smiley:

Just sent you a PM! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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