Passing through logged-in user info into a Webflow form submission

Hi guys,
I am trying to build a lead generation site (Webflow+Airtable+Zapier+Memberstack) which will require users to log in before they are able to request an appointment.
The flow I am trying to create is:

  • user (not logged in) is browsing the professional’s detailed page
  • user (not logged in) clicks a button to request an appointment [the appointment request form page is gated by Memberstack]
  • user is directed to Memberstack’s simple log-in / create an account modal
  • user is then re-directed to the appointment request form page

I am wondering if there is a way to automatically populate hidden fields on the appointment request form page to pull in the user’s ID, and the professional being requested? Then I would use Zapier to create a new Airtable record (e.g., Appointment Requests) with the client’s info and the professional’s info, then create a zap to notify the professional via SMS of the client’s request.


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Yes, you can do this! On your request form page add a field with the attribute


Then just hide it with CSS :grinning:

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Hey @Josh-Lopez,

Using that method, would this work if I were doing it as an HTML embed within the form in Webflow?:

<input type="text" name="data-ms-member" value="id">

Yes but the code would look like this:

<input type="text" data-ms-member="id" style="display:none">

You can also check out all the attributes for the future here :grinning:


That’s awesome, thank you!

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Thanks so much @Josh-Lopez, so easy, and thank you for the welcome! :grin:

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@Josh-Lopez Is there a know issue with pulling Custom Fields from Memberstack?
I’m not able to pass custom fields through a Webflow submitted form.

Hey Matthew :wave:

try removing type=“hidden” and see if that works. If it does then you may have to hide using CSS instead.

@Josh-Lopez This is resolved! I wasn’t aware that to have the data pulled through you needed to have the unique member page URL updated. I thought the memeber login was captured in the meta data.

Thanks again.

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Can you please explain this more? I have created a massive client profile page for them to enter information and I cannot find the form selection fields on memberstack. Name, Email and Webflow ID pull through but I have little CSS experience to understand the concept of it being hidden. Thanks.

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You may need some expert help. Here is a form to add your project and have an expert help you out. :smiley:

What about passing in data from a cms as a hidden field?

In my case, anytime a company signs up a “company sign-up page” is created specific to that company and from there the manager just shares the url to that page with his employees.

I have the id of the company in a text field within the cms and I want to pass that id into a field in memberstack when a team member signs up.