Password reset email

Hello there,

I was wondering if there is anyway to customise / brand the password reset email? I’ve had the comments that it currently looks fake and might scare some members away.

Thanks for the help!

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I’m honestly surprised this hasn’t come up more often :sweat_smile:

There’s no way to do this yet, but stay tuned. We’re trying to find a way to give you more control over emails in general. This is something we’ll focus on in the next few weeks/months.

If this is a major priority, we may be able to do something about the emails sent to your customers.

Hi @DuncanHamra, If it’s an easy fix then sure, but it’s not a major priority so if you could just keep me updated on the progress you’re making on this, that would be really appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m new here. It’s a major priority for me. I just received a reset email during testing and the email looks really bad.

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Also. There is a spelling error in the top line of the email!

29 PM

Note it says ‘repy’ instead of ‘reply’.

Finally, these really need to be white-labeled.

You say you might be able to do something about it… That would be great. What do you propose?


PS - Kudos on a generally great product!

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Hello @scriptschool ! Thanks for pointing out the spelling error :sweat_smile: I just fixed it and the update will go out today :+1:

We can white label the email but it requires that you verify your email with our emailing provider (postmarkapp). It’s pretty easy to do.

If your interested in doing that, just send me a DM. I’ll make sure to get the info to you on how to do that!

Hey @belltyler & @DuncanHamra,

Is there any update regarding customizing the password reset email to customers?

Thank you!

Hey Josh :wave:

We don’t have an ETA on this just yet. When we do we will make an announcement about it. :slight_smile:


Sounds good, however that doesn’t provide me with much. Can you tel me if it’s perhaps at least in the pipeline?

Branding free is very important to me, considering that’s a feature included with paid accounts. And having no branding in the email is certainly not preferable.

Yes this is on our roadmap! :smiley: