Password Reset Send "Undefined"

I’ve cloned MemberStack’s Client Dashboard Template ( from WebFlow and set up MemberStack website based on the tutorial video linked at the bottom of the “user-dashboard” page.

I’ve created a paid MemberStack account and signed up new active users beyond test users, and when I go to try to reset a password for a new published non-test user account, the reset-password modal successfully pops up, but when I enter the email from the newly created user and attempt to trigger and email send for password reset, a red “undefined” box pops up, and the console sends back a code 400.

In the MemberStack dashboard, under Signup & Login /login, all fields have green checkmarks, including the “ms-forgot”. I’ve verified that these users do in fact exist, so I’m not sure what’s going on.


Hi @devonkoch,

Can you DM me a link to your site along with the email in question?

Talk soon!

sure thanks @belltyler, DMed

For future readers, the problem here was resolved :+1: