"Passwords cannot be submitted" - Random New Bug?

We randomly started to get the “Passwords cannot be submitted” with two of our members. We have tested and tested and can not replicate the bug. We have been live for a few months now and have had no issues up until this past week. Minor site updates, none that have to do with logins .

Here are some additional info…
Both users can’t get into the standard domain login https://www.cgfasttrack.com/
Both users can login just fine on https://cgfasttrack.webflow.io/
Both users can get access outside of Chrome (Chrome is there standard browser).

This all randomly started happening this past few days.

We walked them through everything here… https://help.memberstack.com/en/articles/3864312-passwords-cannot-be-submitted

Including deleting cookies. Is there a deeper Chrome browser cache that needs to be cleared?

Hey Robby :wave:

I quickly looked at the site and noticed your data-ms-form=“login” is in the div wrapper instead of the form element. This wouldn’t fix your issue though. Have you tried turning off captcha and checking if the 2 users can login after? To disable go to https://app.memberstack.io/site-info and click on the Enable reCaptcha toggle.

reCaptcha is off. It may be a local chrome caching issue, we are still investigating. Will post a solution if we find any.

So have had reCaptcha off, but we are still getting the logo at the bottom left corner?

Hey Robby :wave:

Here is an idea. Could you get your 2 members to clear their local storage? Here is an image that shows where this info is located within the console. You can get to the console by right clicking and choosing “Inspect”. This should open up the console for you. :smiley: Let us know if this solves the issue.

Hey thanks for this! Will reach out them and have them try this method as well.

Would this be similar to deleting the local “Chrome” data folder?

Side note: We still have hundreds of logins daily, so its definitely something up with there local cache.

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