Passwords cannot be submitted (webflow)

Hi, I am currently testing Memberstack with Webflow. All went well on Memberstack but once I want to sign up in webflow I see message: passwords cannot be subbmited.

I checked all the problems mentioned here and it’s not a case for me:

Please help.

Hey iigami :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

Do you have at least 1 member in your dashboard? If not, please add a member in the members page and let me know if this solves the issue. :slight_smile:

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I did create one free member and the problem is still there. It’s both on Sign Up and Login pages.


Hi @iigami,

Josh and I both have looked into your site and we don’t see anything wrong with your setup :slightly_smiling_face:

This makes me think that another 3rd party script on your site is also attaching/overriding your forms. Do you have anything else installed on your site that you know “attaches” itself onto forms?

Perhaps, leaddyno?

To debug this, I recommend temporarily removing all other third party scripts from your site, or commenting them out. The goal here is to make sure membestack.js is the only script running.

I have a feeling if you were to do that, the forms would start working :slightly_smiling_face: From there, we would be able to debug the other script that’s causing problems for memberstack.

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Hello Tyler,

Thanks for your suggestions!

I removed all the codes. Leaddyno wasn’t the issue but my footer code was (for subscription form):

Is there any way to keep them both?

Thanks!Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 12.28.55 PM

@iigami @Josh-Lopez @belltyler

I had this same issue. None of the items on the checklist worked for me either. But I learned something valuable!

If you’re using Webflow, make sure your forms have the data attributes added to them in the correct order.

For instance, all forms need the attribute “ms-login=true” or “ms-signup=true” depending on the use case.

If your forms are also being tied to a specific membership, then you’ll have another attribute listed as “data-ms-membership=[membershipID]”.

My problem was that I somehow had them out of order. When I switched the two attributes around to make “ms-signup=true” on top (first in the code) it all worked again (assuming you have the rest of your form fields attributed correctly).

I can’t guarantee that this will work for you, as previous comments have mentioned things about custom code interfering… but nonetheless, I hope this helps!

Also, this is another big problem I found that might help. Thanks, @Josh-Lopez for pointing it out to me in your email!

Looks like Memberstack might be telling us to add the wrong Attribute name in the dashboard?

Hello again iigami :wave:

ah good find! Try this instead:

 $(function() {
  $('#subscribe-button').click(function() {

Also, add an id to the button as “subscribe-button”. Looks like it was trying to submit both forms at the same time because of the previous code. :smiley:

Thanks Andrew for your tips, I have 1 attribute per page, so it couldn’t be this.

Thanks Joseph!

I tried this code, but with this code I don’t receive the newsletter form submission (but sign up form works). If I go back to previous newsletter code (and signup form doesn’t work), I still don’t receive the newsletter form submission.

Please let me know what that could mean,


the subscribe form is working for me. I also tested the signup for and it was working.

It says that submissions has been received on the website, but I don’t receive this submission in Webflow forms. Is it sth I need to check with Webflow?

Problem solved in zoom call. :smiley: