Payment Plan Options

We would love the ability to have payment plans in memberstack.

We’re currently building an online course where users can choose to pay in full, or choose to pay in monthly instalments. Depending on the full price, it’d be great to be able to control how much the customer pays and for how many months following their initial signup. E.g. 12 monthly payments of $50 or 5 monthly payments of $100.

This would allow a lot more people to access our offer and get the help they need without blowing their budget.


One simple way to do this is creating multiple plans with the same access to the course, but with different payments. The first membership plan could be one-time payment of $120. The second one could be 12 payments of $10. The third could be 6 payments of $20. Just make sure each have the same access (the second and third have permissions to access the first) and they will essentially be equal members with a few flexible payment options.

When you implement the access rights using the ms- attributes you’ll only have to consider the first plan because the others will have the same access.


Thanks for the feature request :grin:

We know it’s possible, but there are some regulatory hurdles we need to overcome first. SCA makes this much harder to do now. Are any of your customers in the EU?

Thanks Scott, I’d like to do that, but how do you cap how many times your customer is charged? I can only see a recurring monthly membership but there doesn’t seem to be a way to stop monthly charges automatically after a certain amount of time or number of payments. Or am I missing it!?

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Thanks Duncan! At the moment most of our clients are in Australia.

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Hello @bakercreative Could you accomplish this set up by using One-time plans with a set expiration? For example the customer could sign up for and pay at $50 or $100 and have access for 30 days. When the time expires then they’d have to pay again. Somehow you would have to track the amount that they have actually paid but then you could issue them a custom coupon code so they wouldn’t have to pay again after they’d met their payment plan requirements. Or you could provide them with a link/button to access a free version of the membership after they paid their 5 or 12 installments. I know it’s a little crude but maybe this with some other ideas could get you closer?

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