Personalised content for paying users?

Hi there, I’m new to Memberstack and would love your advice.

Is it possible to get personalised content to display for specific users based on what they have paid for? I’m rebuilding our site in Webflow and hoping to create a sleek process where users can pay for specific piece(s) of content, and then get access to it. We sell access to online performances, so users should only get access to the performances they’ve bought a ticket to - not everything. Each performance is a CMS item - it’ s a page with an embedded video in it. For the shows users have not paid for, they would just get access to limited content, e.g. the trailer.

Is this possible within Memberstack + Webflow? Does anyone have a use case they can share for this, and specific instructions on how to create this?

Thank you!

Hey Emily :wave:

This is possible but would require some additional code. We have a front-end API for this purpose :smiley: Here is another article on hiding and showing content. How familiar are you with javascript?