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Hello everyone,

I’m a total newbie to Memberstack so i would really appreciate your advice.

Is it possible to display personalised content in a Webflow website using Memberstack integration? What I mean by that is displaying content (to a logged in user) that is relevant to them.

An example would be the following…

  1. I sign up
  2. I answer some screening questions (possibly in Type-form or similar)
  3. Based on my answers I’m shown articles that are relevant to me on my home page.

What is the best way for me to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Jimmy, great question. You can definitely do this, but how will depend on a number of factors.

  1. What are some examples of your screening questions and the categories a user might fall into?
  2. Do you have any example articles you could share? I’m also curious how many there are and how many categories you have.
  3. Are you willing/able to write a bit of code, or are you looking for a no code solution?
  4. What website builder are you using?
  5. Are there any other personalizations beyond the articles? If that’s all, you can do this without any extra code or crazy functionality. I’m imagining a setup where onboarding questions are just links to increasingly specific pages that funnel users into a membership. You could then show/hide articles based on their membership :grin:

Talk soon!

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