Personalised Dashboards

Hi there,

I’d like to create personalised Dashboards for my members with information that I collect - that is maybe accumulated in a google sheets doc. The categories wold be standard categories for everyone (it’s a recycling startup, so a category such as weight of a certain plastic) but the actual value would be different for all members. Is there anyway to do this? I’m using webflow


Hey Matt :wave:

Great question! The quick answer is yes, this is possible. The longer answer requires additional questions. How familiar are you with webflow? How familiar are you with javascript and custom code? This use case would require something like zapier or integromat are you familiar with them?

I have a few tutorials that may help you get on the right path but without knowing more about your experience level I am unable to tell if they will work for you:

Let me know if these are helpful! :smiley:

Hey Josh,

Thanks for getting back to me! I have discussed with my co-founder and we are going to hold off for the time being, Having looked at the tutorials and guides, I think it is something I will be able to learn/do but may be asking for your help in the future!



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No problem Matt! Can’t wait to see you back! We will be here whenever you are ready. :smiley: