Personally Identifiable Information

I read somewhere on your site that you suggest not having users enter PII. That’s what I need. A forms and user experience where they can enter PII and have it stored and dynamically displayed to them in a logged-in, secure user experience. Can someone help me to see if you offer this?

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What personal content are you looking to save?

I am a startup CEO.
Basically, I will have Webflow as the front end. I like the Memberstack solution and will have a full-stack developer working on the web application.

It was this statement on your website that got me worried:

Hidden Content
Restrict content without writing code
Keep casual web-goers from accessing content on your site (not recommended for highly sensitive information).

I need a secure environment where a user can enter in his/her information such as the following:
During the sign-up process:



Post signup in a form type of UI:


Credit Score

This data would then be calculated to show some results and displayed behind the secure log-in on a dashboard for the user to see.
Certain fields, such as Assets, Address, Income, Credit Score, Debts would be dynamic and manually editable on this dashboard.
I saw this statement below on your website, which is great, but am wondering if Memberstack could do the above in a secure manner. I need all data to be secured and encrypted. So, the first statement above saying “not recommended for highly sensitive information” is confusing.

Secure & Encrypted -
Members data, such as email and password, are secured using industry best practices. Memberstack uses HTTPS, meaning data between websites and our services is always encrypted. Data stored in our database is encrypted at rest.

Feel free to setup a call to discuss. We are looking to get thousands of users on the platform, so I need to build a rock-solid foundation to start and am also looking at other solutions like Firebase and Caspio.

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Our content is encrypted end to end and is secure. Where the security issue is a concern is when users hide content that is on their website. So in your case, if you saved the member information on Memberstack and used attributes like data-ms-member=“fieldID” you would still be secure. If you had content in your design editor and then hid the content with data-ms-content=“contentID” then it would not be secure because its hidden using css and is still in the code of the page. We also have a front end API that your developer could use to show content.

We are curious, what made you think of using Memberstack for your business and how did you learn about us? :smiley: :heart:

I am looking for a no-code or low-code backend database solution that is cheap and secure to setup, versus building something from scratch

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Also, we are not going to be charging users. It’s a free service, but I need to have users enter their information and then get access to it in a logged-in, secure environment. I saw the pricing plans, but they all seem to hinge on accepting credit card payments. Which plan would be good for what we are looking for?

Oh ok, I suggest starting on the lower tear pricing and moving up as you scale larger. The lowest tier supports up to 10,000 free members. I do not know how long that will take you to fill but it is a lot. :slight_smile:

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