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I run a wine subscription and was hoping to use memberstack for recurring payments. Is there a way to do this? We currently run payments through stripe. I just need to be able to collect the shipping information and I didn’t see that in the tutorial.

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Hi @Erica_Davis! Thanks for the question :grin:

This tutorial is what you’re looking for:

I recommend the following setup:

  1. Have users signup for a free membership.
  2. Then collecting their billing info.
  3. Then ask them to “upgrade” to a paid plan.

You can include it all in one step if you like, but this setup also services as a cart abandonment feature.

If you need to tweak any of the checkout/upgrade wording to fit your use case you can use our translation code to change the default text:

Best of luck, and let us know if you have any questions!


Hey ,

How do i make sure the billing information flows to Stripe if it isn’t done through the ecommerce cart?

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Great question! MemberStack doesn’t send that info to Stripe by default, but I believe you can use Zapier to send the user’s information over. I haven’t done it myself, but I believe there’s an update action customer action for Stripe.

I’ll make a note to test this when I find some time :+1: We’ve had similar requests, and I’ve been meaning to set up a prototype.

Hey duncan,

Can you only have a certain amount of membership? I need to have 4 in order to to make your suggestion above work. 1 free membership and 3 other options. How do i make the first not in test mode?

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You can have as many memberships as you need :+1:

You’re exactly right. 1 free membership, and then 3 paid options. You’ll need to publish the free membership to remove the test mode label.

Hi Duncan,

I did publish the free memberships. It allows me to publich all but the trial membership.

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It works now. But I have a question in regards to membership. I included shipping price. It shows in the set up but my customers aren’t getting charged shipping? Why is that?

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Can you send me a link to your site? I’ll check it out