Please help! I don't understand the memberstack pricing method!

I don’t understand the memberstack pricing method!
How far it is free to use in webflow?? and when I have to start update pricing??
My problem example:
I am opening a blog website in webflow. I want to add a free membership feature in my blog. there will be no premium subscriptions. Only free membership to the blog.
Then how much I have to pay to memberstack monthly for this membership feature?
please give me the overall details and guide me on the right track.

Hey Shahriar :wave:

If you have only free memberships the pricing would be $25 a month until you reach over 10,000 members. You can get everything set up for free but to publish a membership you will be asked to pay the $25 a month. :grinning:

Thanks Lopez
and another thing.
Is there any permanent payment system for free membership feature??
and what if I stop payment for 1 or 2 months? Will the membership feature of the website will be unstable?

Can you explain this a little more please? Not sure what this means. :grinning:

Currently, we are in the process of what happens. have any ideas? We are always trying to gain insight of what would make our customers feel the best!

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I mean is there any permanent system payment rather than paying monthly or yearly?

Not now. This is a very critical question :sweat_smile:
I have to be an expert in memberstack to answer this question.
But hope I will contribute to this field in the future.

We could work with you if this comes up in the near future. All you have to do is just let us know and we will do our best to help you out. :grinning:

For the members, you can easily setup the membership to not expire.
For yourself (the manager), you must pay the recurring amount.