Please help me figure out the value of hidden id

I am using Webflow collection id as a hidden field while a member registers. How can I access this field because I need the id value to be used in an Airtable field?


I am trying to retrieve it using this code but couldn’t return anything
<input type="hidden" ms-data="webflow-member-id" data-name="Webflow Member ID" />

What am i missing?

try using something like this

<input type="hidden" data-ms-member="signup-field-ID" />

What is your memberstack email and I can give you a specific code to use. :grinning:

Hey @Josh-Lopez! thanks for the quick response. I would need a specific code actually.
Memberstack email

Thank you!

This would be your code. :smiley:

<input type="hidden" data-ms-member="secret" />

Hey @Josh-Lopez! Did you meant you have sent it already? I haven’t received any mail :grinning:

I tried this using data-ms-memberattr . But it doesn’t return anything in Form Submission :expressionless:

my bad. The editor stripped the code out. Just updated it.

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