Pop up sign up within Webflow

Hey all I’m wanting to make a sign up similar to this page - https://nomadlist.com/ > click sign up

So an area where I can list benefits, have the slider and user just gives email & card numbers.

I’ve seen these 2 - https://www.memberstack.io/freebies/6-6-pricing-upgrade-modal

  1. How do I clone those into my own project? and am I free to edit after that?
  2. I don’t really have a member area, the main thing is getting them to sign up so I can get their card details. After that I’m emailing them with access to some groups. Is that workable within memberstack or there must be an member online area?
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Hi @davidc43! We can’t do just email and CC yet, but that would be an awesome feature!

For now, you’ll need to collect email -> password -> and then CC.

  1. What website builder are you using? If you’re using Webflow, you can copy and past the modal into your own project and make edits from there.
  2. You don’t have to make a member area :+1: