Possible to use email only as credentials

Is it possible to forgo passwords and just let my community log in with their email? I don’t need anything super secure, just want to make sure people’s emails match want we have in our system.

Hey @seantubridy,

Great question!

We have a workaround which will allow your members to sign up without a password, this article should walk you through how to implement: https://help.memberstack.com/en/articles/3930198-passwordless-signup-workaround

Let us know if you have any questions and we can update the article😃


Thanks Molly, that’s awesome!

A related question, what happens if multiple people use the same email to log in? Does the earlier person get booted or does the system allow multiple logins on the same account? I guess this question applies to whether or not the password is the same or not.


Hey @seantubridy,

Currently Memberstack has no limit on concurrent logins. We do have this on the roadmap though as we can totally see why you would like to turn this off!

I have posted this thread into our roadmap so that when we have made progress or released the feature we will reach out and let you know it’s ready😃

Thank you and actually this is just fine for now because I was hoping you didn’t given our current needs! But i will be cool in the future to be able to turn that on.