Prevent User Account From Timing Out on Mobile After Closing Tab

Hi Memberstack Community & @DuncanHamra,

The issue I am having is when someone logs into our Memberstack user account on a mobile phone, closes the tab, then tries to re-access their dashboard with a new tab, they are automatically logged out and have to manually log in again every time.

Does anyone know of custom code where we can prevent this? We are having clients add their accounts to their home screen on their mobile device so it mimics an app and they can easily log in but they are getting frustrated they have to manually log in each time after they close the tab.

It’s really mobile devices where this is the biggest issue. I added the session duration custom code in the Memberstack so sessions delay to time out but it doesn’t fix my issue stated above.

Thanks in advance for the help!


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Hi Paul, I’ll let @belltyler know about this. I imagine it has something to do with the way we’re using cookies.

Hi Paul, can you reply with a link to your login page or DM it to me?

I would like to test this out to see what’s going on.