Private member chat

  1. Please build something that lets Memberstack users private chat with each other

  2. This is important to me because it allows sellers or buyers to communicate with each other

  3. My current workaround is using a 3rd party application to create private chats and accounts using the Memberstack user ID as login.


Thanks, @Cookie! I’ve added this to the wishlist.

What 3rd party application are you using now? Maybe we can create a direct integration with them in the future.

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@DuncanHamra im currently using pusher chatkit, its not really that efficient since you have to create every user and the user chatroom manually.


@Cookie I’m looking to add private member chat to my website as well and would love to hear more about how you’re using memberstack user IDs as login credentials, would you mind elaborating?


Hi @Ron_Pica! What chat service do you plan to use?

@Ron_Pica the service i use dont use passwords to log in, so I just put the current member stack ID and pass that to the service, it’s really inefficient and a janky workaround I do not recommend it :laughing:

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I’d love to see this feature implemented or integrated to a 3rd party service.

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@bailey may be working on a 3rd party service for this very feature :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey guys,

I’m currently looking to do this too. Out of the different workarounds that many of the memberstack members have used, which would you recommend at the moment?