Problem with memberstack and Zapier

Having a bit of trouble with the Memberstack zapier integration when a user cancels their plan.

  1. When a user cancels it looks like the ID in memberstack is not the normal ID and instead, the ID is called the Member ID. Why is it like this? Am I doing something wrong? It works now that I switched the two as I was having it lookup a google sheet to pull up the webflow ID.

  2. When a canceled user reactivates the plan it no update is being made so I can not make a flow to change the info in my google sheet and in webflow.

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Hi Ari, it’s hard to say :frowning:

There are quite a few Id’s floating around in Zapier, so you may want to double check your zaps.

I’m unsure for #2 as well. I’ll take note of this and find out what we’re doing in Zapier when a user reactivates. :thinking: