Processing Payments Without A Membership

Can I use Memberstack strictly as a gateway for third-party payment processing/pricing plan display and NOT your membership portal?

Thank you in advance.

Hello! Can you please explain a little more? :slight_smile:

For example, I built a non-ecommerce site for a client and the objective is to sell them a separate app/service that requires a subscription. I would like to create a funnel where visitors can enter their billing information and complete a purchase, but be redirected to the app’s login screen. I do not wish to create a member dashboard on the actual website. Hope that makes sense.

I am not sure this is available right now. It sounds like you would need a webhook/zapier to create a user which would have to be a free membership when a form is submitted.

I believe the only triggers available right now are:

New Member
Member Updated
Membership Canceled
Member Deleted

@mollyfloyd24 Do you know of a different solution?

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@Josh-Lopez is it possible for me to create a payment process without having to also create a member dashboard, or is that a requirement?