Profile Field values not sending through Zapier

Hi guys,

I’m running into an odd issue where I’m trying to create a live CMS item in Webflow when a new member signs up. I can get the name, slug and email passed to the CMS item, but it doesn’t not send the custom field data that I collect on signup.

Sorry it got a bit long, but here’s my flow:

My Zap looks like this:

During the Zapier dummy data test, this works beautifully and all the fields my data comes across.

I then activate the Zap and signup myself on the live page.

  1. The member is then created in MS, with all the data points and the ID added as the Unique Member Page. Brilliant, so far so good.
  2. The CMS item then gets added in Webflow, but only name, slug and emails is sent through. This is where it breaks.

If you look at the Task History in Zapier, it actually does successfully sent the field data through but they’re all wrapped in curly braces.

I’m wondering if the curly braces is the issue and why they’re added.

So I added Airtable to the mix but the problem is exactly the same. Only slug, name and email comes through to Airtable, which makes me think this is bug on MemberStacks end:

Any ideas???

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Note: curly braces are added when Zapier finds empty fields. But this doesn’t make sense to me when the fields exist in MemberStack.

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I resolved this.

Turns out the data is sent on the first signup page before the user get’s to add the details on the second page.

Obvious in hindsight :zipper_mouth_face:

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Thanks for sharing this! I guarantee it will help someone in the future.

I did the exact same thing a few months ago :rofl:

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