Profile Modal Broken In User Dashboard

Hey guys, I am trying to add an “edit profile” button to a user’s unique profile page. I added the attributes but the modal that pops up doesn’t show the user’s profile info, also it can’t be closed. However, if I place the “edit profile” button on another page it works as intended. Is there something I am doing wrong here? Why isn’t the modal seeing a user’s info?

If you click my link below, sign up and visit the Learn page, you will see the edit profile button which works. However, If you visit the profile page and click it again it gives me a broken modal.

Read-only link below.

Hey Gavin :wave:

Just took a look at this. It looks like on your profile page you have 2 instances of the memberstack.js?webflow script. Removing the one pictured below should fix the issue. :smiley:

Amazing Josh! Thank you, that did the trick!! Really appreciate the help, been loving Memberstack!

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