Profile ReWrite: Three types of Users, No URL rewriting

So I have a site with three types of users:

  • Driver (User type 1)
  • Car (User type 2)
  • Police (User type 3)

All three user have different ‘profile homepages’ for example:,, etc…

I have a nav bar with my Login button, this has the following properties:
data: data-ms-rewrite = profile
item ID: #ms-login
link: Set using the Page selector and not a ‘external link’

The issue i have is an issue of ReWrite & URL Routing:

  • Rewrite always points the link to Login
  • Need a ReWrite per Profile membership type e.g: Drivers go to their profiles, cars to theirs and police to theirs.

How do I achieve this?

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Hey Toby! Welcome to the community and thanks so much for taking the time to explain your setup. You just gave me a feature idea that would make this 10x easier.

In the meantime I have a quick work around for you:

  1. Go to the Forms & Fields page
  2. Click Login
  3. Click Test login page
  4. Add the url for you login page.
  5. Click test
  6. Refresh your site 1-2 times and test it again

Hey Duncan,
Cheers for the reply - But I’m not clear on how this helps with the routing of my three profiles.

Right now if I’m not mistaken, the URL rewrite for the login is global and not based on the membership id/type?

Aka a Cop will login and will be taken to the same profile page as a Driver. This is Ok-ish as I can hide fields that are not relevant to each other, although then these fields are visible when you use the MS-popup to edit the profile there…