Profile Update form not working

I have multi-page signup process.
When a “client” is signed up, they are led to this page where the user enters their website and their business name:

Once complete, the next page should show readouts of their entered details. However, by “business-name” field isn’t updating anything for some reason?

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It looks like @belltyler found the problem! There’s a hidden form field (picture below) with a second ms-field=“business-name.” It’s overriding the first.


Well now I’m just embarrassed.
Thanks for finding the problem so quickly, and sorry for the mess around!
Really appreciate it.

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No worries! You have no idea how many times this has tripped us up in our own app :joy:

I’d really like to build a “debugger” extension that can identify problems like this.

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I’m still getting this problem for some reason.

  • Log in with a staff account via /members/login using | 12345678
  • Sign up a new user via members/signup
  • The second page will let you select a staff member or an “approved stockist”. The Staff Member button is actually a submit button for a form, with a hidden field above it with the attributes “ms-data” = “Circadia Australia” and “ms-field” = “business-name”, which to my knowledge should set the “Business Name” field to be “Circadia Australia”.
  • The next page is a confirmation of the submitted details, but as you will see, the “Business Name” field still remains as “Business Name”, and in the backend the change does not register.

Thanks for your help in advance!

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Got it!

Ms-data can only be used to pull existing information into a field, so you’ll need to set the value manually like this.

 <input type="hidden" maxlength="256" name="Business-Name" data-name="Business Name"  ms-field="business-name" value="Circadia Australia">

Replace your input field with this code, and it should start working.