Profiles as webflow CMS

Hi there. Is it possible for each profile to have his own CMS page. For example, if the users name was Ethan, his profile would be under

Yes, this is definitely possible. You would need to use something like Zapier to automatically trigger when a new MemberStack member is created (MemberStack will do this for you) and then you could add a Zapier step to “create a live item” in the Webflow CMS with this information. Once it’s in the Webflow CMS you’ll have a slug you can use in your url for something similar to what you’ve described.

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Hi there I found a great playlists of videos on this topic:

I finally got around to completing everything but have run into a issue…
When I changed my profile page to a CMS collection, I had to change my login / sign up redirects too.

But how do I make the specific user’s CMS Page show for that person?

Webflow Read-only-link:

Here is a screencast of mine that walks you through how to setup exactly that: