Project Requirements

Hi !

I have a few questions in order for me to know if memberstack can be a solution for my project (webflow), and I would like to receive your feedback before starting the project.

So, I have a specific core function that is needed for this project:

- Specific dashboards with the data pulled from Memberstack User Profile

For example: Change the fixed values for a ms-data 1, ms-data 2 …

This will work ?

I know that this can be done in Webflow CMS + Zapier, but I have to spare the 40 items field limit inside the collection list, and I want to limit the quantity of zaps either in the whole project.

- I will have a monthly membership, but I want 1 feature inside, that would allow users to make a 1 time payment for 1 extra service that we offer, and then it would trigger a webflow form.

Thanks, Vitor

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Hey Vitor :wave:

If you look at the CMS collections in the same project, you’ll see an example of how to set this up. I believe I set up the [0, 12, 354, 13, 12] as a single CMS field to limit the number of fields required.

The second part isn’t possible yet :disappointed:

We need to create an add-on feature before it’s possible. That said, I have a workaround.

Because your members will already have a Stripe customer you can manually charge their card at any time. I recommend building the “checkout” into your Webflow form so members expect to receive a charge after submission. Then, you can pop into Stripe and initiate the charge. Does that seem like a viable option for you?