Promotion for free months and not a price discount

I would like to have a promotion for “3 Additional Free Months when you sign up for our quarterly subscription”

I do not want to use the “Free trial” method because I want the membership charged and paid for upfront.

I cannot use the coupon method (upon signup) because that only discounts the price at the time of purchase.

If I create a coupon in Memberstack --> Promote the Offer as mentioned but provide ZERO coupon code to the member so they pay for it in full upfront —> Can I then go into my Stripe account and apply that coupon I made in memberstack to the customer? Will it then apply that coupon upon the next billing cycle?

Does the Stripe coupon application actually accomplish what I am hoping for?

What I am looking for is:
Day 1 - Charge $99 for quarterly access
Day 90 - Charge for membership but coupon applied in Stripe makes it a $0 transaction
Day 180 - Charge $99 for quarterly access

Hey James :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

Yes, you can add a coupon to your members within Stripe. We recommend adding coupons within our app which are then added in stripe. If you add or delete a coupon in stripe it will break the integration for coupons within the app. The membership price in members profile modal may be off as well. To be honest and transparent, our platform was not built for something like this so I am trying to let you know what may happen. :smiley:

hi @Josh-Lopez,

I have the very same problem. I need my customers to enter their credit card for purchasing a membership without being charged for the first 3 months.
What should i do ?
What will happen if :

  1. i create a coupon for the first month to avoid my customer beiing charged
  2. i then create a stripe coupon for the first 3 months

Will memberstack break and forbid access to my customers ? Is there any other problem that i may face ?

thanks in advance !

Hey Benjamin :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

This is a use case we do not support at the moment. :cry: What would be the perfect user flow for this to work and why do you need the member to not be charged for 3 months? Just trying to get as much information as possible for the future. :smiley:

hi @Josh-Lopez

Here is a thread with a possible solution => Coupon for X amount of months

Use case is very simple :

  • Some of my customers are sponsored for X months. But i want them to keep using my service after the sponsorship ended without retakink a membership…

2 workarounds that i am suggesting

  1. I can simply pause the payment collection for a specific date. Duncan says that we could create coupon.
    My suggestion is to pause the payment collection from stripe. This option exists. Would that block access to my customers if I do so ?
  2. Can i create a membership with a payment interval of (for example) 3 months and then change them without them knowing on a monthly subscription ? That would be seamless.

Thanks for your help