Protecting PDF's through SQSP

Hi there.
I have looked but can’t see an answer to this, so hopefully someone can help.

We are new to SM and have three membership types. In each of the membership types there are certain pages and they are being protected excellently.

The issue we have is that within certain pages there are links to PDF’s. These PDF’s open on a new tab and therefore change from to

I have added into the SM Member Only Content but you can still just type in into the URL and the page opens up (albeit changes to

Is there a way to protect these files from being opened altogether unless they have logged in with the right membership level?

I have read Protecting PDF files however I feel that this differs quite significantly which is why the separate post.

Any support would be amazing. Thank you.

@bharris MemberStack does indeed have this feature on their radar. But until it’s done I do have a screencast walking through how to set this up yourself.

The walk through is using Webflow, not SQSP, but it should be easy enough to make work with SQSP as well.

Let me know if this helps…